Hope Centre - Lower Hutt

19 October 2005


I am writing to introduce and endorse Peter Robertson and his ministry.

We have him minister in our church at least twice a year. During these times he ministers not only to our local congregation, but because our Sunday evening service is a place that people come to from around the city, his ministry is received by many others also.

God has used him strategically for our church on many occasions. The foundational ministry of the prophet is equipping and stabilising. It is essential that the role of the Prophet is embraced in the NZ church.

Peter has a good delivery style and is always practical in application. This gives people the ability to grasp things for their lives. God uses him wonderfully to change ‘status quo’ thinking.

Peter flows powerfully in the Anointing and many lives of all ages have been radically changed by his ministry. His relentless pursuit of revival for New Zealand has been both inspiring and challenging to many.

He has written a number of books. These have been focused on God moving in our nation. His book “Letters to a Young Prophet” is extremely helpful in the way it brings insight into how a prophet should live and function. Peter is one of the few people in NZ that I feel
operates well in the office of the Prophet. He loves getting alongside leaders to encourage, offer insight and generally support them in their God given calling.

Peter and Penny (his wife) have invested much into the purposes of God in our nation and I thank God for their sacrifice and diligence.

I am privileged to call Peter friend and co-worker in Christ. I recommend him to you.

Yours in NZ revival.


Seth Fawcet - Senior Pastor,

Hope Centre, Lower Hutt