River of Life Christian Church - Auckland

15 February 2007


It gives me great pleasure to recommend to you the person and the ministry of Peter Robertson.

Peter is a genuine, servant-hearted, anointed minister of the gospel in this nation. He has been gifted with a strong prophetic mantle and an outstanding preaching and teaching ministry. Every time he visits us here at The River, he always leaves a great deposit of God among our people - our church loves Peter!

In addition to his preaching ministry, Peter is also the author of numerous books and articles - all of which carry the mark of the Spirit speaking to the churches. Peter has a unique “big picture” view that I believe is vital for local churches to connect with. His sharp insight
combined with a great sense of humour makes his books challenging but accessible.

There are not many itinerant ministers like Peter. As a church leader, I’m immensely grateful to him as one who has shared my heart for the church and worked not to bring his own agenda, but to see what God is building in the church and put his hand to the plough along
with me. I have been with him as he has ministered in other churches, and his heart remains the same - to support the leadership of the local church as they pursue God’s mandate as a fellowship.

Peter has been a close friend for many years, and he is one who not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. His abandonment to God and steadfast devotion to, and proclamation of, what the Lord has promised are inspirational. He truly is a blessing to this nation.

I honestly and heartily endorse Peter’s ministry to your local church leadership. His ministry will stir you, provoke you, encourage you and challenge you.

You need this man in your church.

God’s richest blessings,


Peter Morton - Senior Pastor,

River of Life Christian Church - Auckland