St Andrews Church - Mount Maunganui

15 December 2009


It gives me great pleasure to endorse Peter Robertson and his ministry.  I consider him to be a friend, colleague and mentor.

Having known Peter Robertson for close on twenty years I am very pleased to recommend him to any pastor or church.  In my mind, Peter would have to be one of the best prophetic and expositional preachers in New Zealand.  Whenever I listen to him speak I am inspired and drawn closer to God and His Word.  His preaching has a delightful freshness about it.  And his preaching lingers – it is not forgotten when one walks out of church.  It ministers to the soul and spirit long after he has finished speaking.

It is always a joy and delight when he comes to the Tauranga area and we are able to have him minister in our church.  His messages are always timely and memorable.  Our people are fed with good solid food from God.  This church loves Peter and has embraced and supported him as a missionary to New Zealand.  We believe that he carries a mantle of the Lord to speak to the Church and the nation.

He is a man with incredible insight into what the Lord is saying, keeping a close eye on what the Lord is doing especially in relation to the land and nation of Israel.  He has a deep passion for revival and to bless and encourage the local church.  He is a man of prayer who walks daily with the Lord listening to His voice.

Peter is a very humble man with a great sense of humour.  His genuineness and sincerity speak volumes.  His character is exemplary. Whenever he visits us he comes with a real servant heart seeking to work with us – not just do his thing.

It is my opinion that every church in New Zealand needs Peter Robertson to speak at least once a year.  Yes, he will encourage and bless, but he will also unsettle and challenge.  He will stimulate and motivate, but he will also drive people to their knees before a holy and awesome God.  That is – he is a prophet to the nation.

I gladly commend Peter and his dear wife Penny to the church in New Zealand.


Ray Coster - Senior Minister,

St Andrews Church – Mount Maunganui